Three decades of film, TV, publicity & marketing experience

Nicholas Lazarus

Nicholas has Executive Produced live and recorded content for some of the biggest franchises in film: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Bond and Mission Impossible.

His live broadcast credits in film and TV include prime time shows at the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5, Sky and E! Entertainment.

He also oversaw global live broadcast and streaming for major brands including Jaguar Land Rover, American Express, Vodafone and multiple live television ads.

Jason Bevan

As VP EMEA Marketing at Warner Bros. Pictures, Jason led the creative development process and marketing campaigns for a number of big WB films. His experience includes Joker, Aquaman, and the Harry Potter/Wizarding World, Dark Knight, Lego and Hobbit franchises. He is a regular creativity moderator and speaker on the TED circuit, Cannes Lions and for numerous major global brands, NGOs and governments.

He has been responsible for the development and execution of major events, productions and prime time TV specials as well as global content creator and digital publicity events, working alongside renowned film-makers.

Our Team

Our team includes some of the most talented feature film makers and TV producers, live broadcast teams, and event management staff in the industry. This insider knowledge and expertise gives us an edge in making content befitting brands big and small, as well as for some of the most famous names in film and entertainment.